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This summer, I was thinking of another story I could do. This one would be in the future, 34th century more or less. It's sort of the cliché idea of machines ruling over the planet and bringing humans to much smaller number than before. 

The basic backstory is that scientists from Austria, Germany and Estonia joined forces to create more efficient and faster automated programs and machines. And they succeeded after many years of work. It was a great development and the technology was distributed across the globe.

At several points in history, the more evolved machines/programs were permitted to self-upgrade and do enhancements to themselves. Overtime, some of them became sentient and saw what humans were doing to the planet and took action. It wasn't violent at first but due to the humans's interference to what they thought was none of the machine's business, they took harsher actions.

They took over several countries over the course of a century and have expanded faster with the more countries they gained. They have a lesser grasp in the more wild regions and in places where altitude and atmospheric interference is greater.

They stroke first and fast on Europe, being the continent closer to their base of operations and where they had better tech and communications. Then soon came the take over of the Asian and American Continents. Australia remains he continent with least occupation.

Humans fled to the more obscure areas of the planet and many managed to survive in smaller groups, though not without sacrifice. 

Others wanted to fight against the machines and created the Resistance. It's a lot of smaller groups scattered through the planet.

The machines were infiltrated in almost every field, so their takeover was easy, being inserted in places that ranged from the military to domestic house care.

One of the tech upgrades that didn't involve this new technology were the "Upgrades". They were first created by an accomplished scientist from Vietnam that disliked how this new type of technology was in nearly everything so she created something devoid of that technology. They served to upgrade the ability of a human being, from superficial "Scanners" and "Exoskeletons" to extensive internal modifications so the human body could adapt to certain situations or environments.

This is what almost every member of the Resistance has to help the fight and their colleagues.

The present time will follow a 15 year old kid named Ram Nook. He's a scavenger with a "Speed" Upgrade. It's an extensive upgrade that he got through connections of his best friend Fin after his parents died.

The Resistance that we will see is the small group Fin is part of in Europe. Then, at some point, Ram will travel across the world and get in contact with other groups of humans living in seclusion, living in unusual circumstances and places.

The Resistance Fin is part of is made of 7 people, including Fin. I only have those 7, Ram and another guy made up and (nearly) ready to use. I can post what Upgrade each of them have and what they look like and all. I have it written down in case anyone wants to know.

So, this is what I've been thinking up in my free time. I'm not giving up ANY of my other stories. But I like have diverse stuff to work on in case I want to change the "mood" of what I'm writing. I hope you guys like this idea :)

PS: I need help thinking up a new name for the machines and the resistance. I couldn't think of anything so I just picked that and I would change it when I found something better.


Ok so these are the characters I have so far

Main Character (M) - Scavenger
Name: Ram Nook 
Age: 15 years old
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White
Height: 163 cm
Upgrade: Extensive "Speed" (I have a whole thing about this but it's late so I'll post it all later)
Notes: Freckles. Cares for Fin a lot. Their families traveled together when they were kids and they grew up having a strong friendship. When their parents and siblings died, they stuck together until they got their upgrades and Fin joined the resistance. Ram then took to scavenging. They meet occasionally during their travels and Ram stays with Fin to help them out from time to time. Because of his Upgrade, Ram lost his sense of taste and has special scanners in his goggles and gloves to check if the food he will eat is safe.

Best Friend (M) - Resistance Soldier
Fin Kell
Age: 17 years old
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Skin: White
Height: 174 cm
Upgrade: Prehensile mechanical tail, extensible mechanical claws, exoskeleton
Notes: A few scars, Upgrade shows on the outside. Doesn't like to lose sight of his friends. Cares a lot about Ram.

Soldier of the Green Island (M) 
Dimas Silva
Age: 19 years old
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Skin: Tanned
Height: 176 cm
Upgrade: Extensive "Aquatic"
Notes: Born in one of the secluded human groups. This one lives mostly underwater in the area surrounding the azores. Loves the Sea and has traveled across the ocean, making friends and connections with many people from different parts of the world that have a connection to the Sea.

Resistance Command (F) 
Alma Junkers
Age: 27 years old
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Skin: Dark
Height: 167 cm
Upgrade: Extensive "Tech"
Notes: Soft spot for readheads. She's the leader of this small group. Workaholic.

Resistance Scout (F)
Rina Aumant
Age: 25 years old
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White
Height: 171 cm
Upgrade: "Flight", "Scanner" and "Camouflage"
Notes: Serious personality. Sometimes, when the Command says it's safe, she heads off alone to a place not far from the camp to think.

Resistance Weapons Expert (F)
Diana Almas
Age: 26 years old
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Tanned
Height: 174 cm
Upgrade: "Scanner"
Notes: Likes to joke. Dating David. She likes to keep everything organized and she works on upgrading her weapons and making some with spare parts they find to pass the time.

Resistance Soldier and Medic (M)
David Kailan
Age: 23 years old
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Light Blue
Skin: Dark
Height: 169 cm
Upgrade: "Exoskeleton"
Notes: Likes to flirt. Dating Diana. Recently lost 75% of his hearing and unable to go to a facility to implant a hearing upgrade, he uses an external aid he built himself.

Resistance Stealth Agent (M) - In training
Timothy Kelvin
Age: 16 years old
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White
Height: 172cm
Upgrade: Extensive "Scanner" and extensive "Camouflage"
Notes: Methodical and smart, get's annoyed when people aren't careful and jump into something without thinking. Sometimes the others do it to piss him off because his reaction is comical. Tamia's student. Likes to try and balance all matter of things with his feet to pass the time.

Resistance Stealth Agent (F)
Tamia Raja
Age: 28 years old
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tanned
Height: 178 cm
Upgrade: Extensive "Scanner" and extensive "Camouflage"
Notes: Easygoing, when she gets serious everyone knows the situation is serious. Trains Timothy. She brought Timothy into the group as the next stage of his training and they have been with them for over a year.

Some of these still need work. This is just the basic info I have on them as of now.


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